Robotic therapy needs precisely controllable movements and vibrations

D-BOX motion-cueing systems help to create innovative and cost efficient wellness solutions

One means of providing therapeutic care to patients with neurological movement disorders or to the elderly is through Equestrian Assisted Therapy. This therapy stimulates the motor system. However, it is not always easy to provide disabled patients with ideal mobility opportunities. It is also often extremely labor intensive and physically demanding for the care providers.

A device which allows patients to move in a relaxed manner. This concept contributes to bettering the lives of ill people by combining therapy and recreational activities. Simply stated, the objective is to bring the immersive experience to the patient versus the traditional model of bringing patients to the experience. There are different types of motion platforms. These include multifunctional platforms on which wheelchairs or beds can be placed so that patients can undergo treatment without having to be moved or a horse simulator which creates an experience similar to riding a horse.

The combination of image, sound and authentic therapeutic synchronized movement has an enormous effect on the patient. It re-activates muscle functions and the flow of movement, promotes circulation, relaxes the joints and strengthens the skeleton. As a result, skills can be improved or relearned.


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