D-BOX supports the goals of the training and simulation community. We deliver hybrid software and hardware Motion Systems, that create kinesthetic cues to develop operators’ psychomotor reflexes. But our services don’t end there.

At D-BOX, we go beyond supplying the best Motion Systems. By building strong relationships with our partners, we create solutions for the services you need.

Internationally Exported Canadian SME


Just like many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Canada, D-BOX receives strong government support from Industry Canada. For complex trading situations, D-BOX leverages relationships with foreign companies though Export Development Canada and Export Québec.

As a SME, D-BOX’s Canadian Content Value (CCV) is evaluated at 100% for products and services.
(Learn more about Canadian offset policies at the Industrial and Regional Benefits on the Government of Canada website)

D-BOX is also listed at the OMX website :   D-BOX - Member of the OMX Marketplace

With strong international, federal and provincial trading partnerships, D-BOX helps foreign companies execute offset obligations.

If you have any questions about offset policies in Canada, Industrial and Regional Benefits (IRBs), Industrial and Technological Benefits (ITBs) or CCV, contact us on this page.

Software Integration

Fits with your architecture

Every simulation software architecture is unique. D-BOX Motion Systems come ready with existing integrations that connect to out-of-the-box COTS software. As well, our experts are on-hand to integrate your system or provide guidance for doing it yourself.


Using open APIs and clear communication, we ensure that our Motion Systems are easily interoperable with partner and client software. This guarantees smooth transfer of all movements and vibrations from the simulation engine to real life. If you are looking for an affordable way to integrate motion into your simulation application, ask your software provider about existing integrations with D-BOX.


Hardware Integration

Compact, efficient and easy to deploy

2015-08-03 15_52_47-D-BOX _ Motion Systems for Defense simulatorsWhether you are retrofitting legacy systems or defining a new simulation hardware architecture, D-BOX can help you choose the configuration, actuators or attachment parts that will best fit your needs.

Our Motion Systems are adaptable. D-BOX Motion System hardware can be integrated into a seat, platform or other foundations to simulate a range of surface textures and scalable axes of movement.


Our team can help you select the right actuator for your application. We can help you implement the most efficient simulator to meet your goals, ensuring you deliver on budget and on time. To learn more and get in touch with our experts, visit this page.

Collaboration and RFP

Early support for final success

Looking to add motion to your simulator? Look no further than D-BOX.

To scope your project, our experts will:

  • define the D-BOX Motion Systems configuration that best suits you
  • provide support to answer your questions
  • research and communicate information about Motion System trends
  • ensure you have an optimally priced solution

Scalable, phased integration

Many large-scale projects are deployed in phases

D-BOX Motion Systems can be deployed phase-by-phase during your projects.

During step-by-step integration, we provide:

  • scalable migration adoption plan
  • maintenance
  • legacy simulators upgrade

When you work with D-BOX, you get the best Motion Systems on the market, as well as a plan for the future. Together, we can meet your company’s current and future needs. Contact us on this page.