Introduce Your Customers to an Exciting, Unprecedented Movie-Watching Experience

D-BOX is the pioneer and world leader in cinematic motion created specifically for the movie theatre industry. Now, the benefits of that same state-of-the-art immersive technology can be experienced in the comfort of your customers’ homes.

Offer your customers the best non-distracting cinematic motion available in the world today. Introduce them to D-BOX. Co-existing in perfect harmony with audio and video, award-winning D-BOX solutions have excited millions in theatres worldwide.

The best immersive cinematic motion that money can buy can now be integrated into your customer’s home theatre. Through the D-BOX HEMC™ (Home Entertainment Motion Controller) and D-BOX motion enabled chairs viewers can experience the most amazing, life-like cinematic motion for anlatst motiony content that has D-BOX motion codes designed for it.

Regardless of the content source (DVD, Blu-ray™ or streaming sources such as Netflix™, Hulu™ and AppleTV™) the HEMC™ simply transmits the motion codes to the chairs. Voilà!

What separates Bliss HTA from all the average integrators is including items like D-BOX. We install D-BOX in about 50% of our reference rooms. That means we have a 1 in 2 chance of someone sampling our theater and us delivering an exceptional experience. Adding D-BOX’s cinematic motion is as important as the aesthetics, acoustics and A/V system in a world class home theater!
Robert C. Bliss, Jr., Founder & CEO, Bliss Home Theaters & Automation

D-BOX can help you differentiate your business from your neighbouring competition. To learn more and get in touch with our home entertainment experts, visit this page.

Hardware, Software and Humanware

First the technology. Sending specialized motion codes from the D-BOX HEMC™ to a D-BOX motion enabled chair creates immersive cinematic motion, which is in sync with the action on the screen. The motion immerses the viewers in the movie to the point where they literally feel part of it. Such cinematic magic takes much more than hardware. It takes talent. What makes the experience one that connects on such an evocative, true-to-life level is the virtuosity of our motion designers. These gifted artists program each and every movement of the D-BOX enabled chairs to reflect the actions and emotions portrayed in the movie. With over 1,400 movies currently available and additional releases added each month, home theatre owners can now share the unique D-BOX experience at home with family and friends for countless memorable moments.

D-BOX encodes many movies each year. To learn more and get in touch with our home entertainment experts, visit this page.

Grow Your Business with the Leader in Immersive Cinematic Motion

With the release of the D-BOX HEMC™ solution, the expertise of our seating partners, the talent of our motion designers and an aggressive go-to-market strategy, you can cater to more home theatre owners than ever…up from an elite-only 1% of the population to ±16%. In addition, installations are fast, easy and flexible and require very little support, making this impressive increase in business volume easy to manage. D-BOX, with its unique immersive cinematic motion, infuses your business with a new revenue channel that reinforces your position as an expert in the field of home entertainment experience, hence encouraging customer loyalty. Partnering with D-BOX offers the following benefits:

  • Differentiation from neighbouring competition
  • New revenue opportunities
  • Customer loyalty
  • Easy, fast integration
  • D-BOX motion-enabled chair options
  • Flexible integration (can be installed in phases)

With the recent proliferation of home theatres, I think there is no greater way to distinguish your personal cinema than with the addition of D-BOX seating. D-BOX truly is the ultimate enhancement to a home theatre as it breathes new life into old films that you thought you knew so well, in addition to making new releases that much more thrilling. I always make sure to give guests a demo of our D-BOX seats, and every visitor walks away thoroughly impressed about how some well-timed & executed motion can vastly enrich the cinematic experience.
Robert Davis

Immerse yourself in success by partnering with D-BOX and make your customers experience movies like never before. To learn more and get in touch with our home entertainment experts, visit this page.


When you choose to provide the D-BOX Home Theatre Solution to your customers, you are partnering with the pioneer and world leader in immersive cinematic motion. You are selling and installing the most reliable, robust and cutting-edge technology available, which delivers the best and most sophisticated cinematic motion experience. Their current audio and video components remain the same because the D-BOX Home Theatre Solution is flexible enough to adapt to many hardware configurations. Cutting-edge technology is at work, but robustness, elegance and comfort were at the top of our minds when creating the hardware and software that delivers our award-winning cinematic motion.

A gourmet meal is always enhanced with the addition of a good wine. In addition to a home theater setup, D-BOX is the perfect complement.
Stéphane Fortier, General Manager, Vision HD

To learn more and get in touch with our home entertainment experts, visit this page.


The D-BOX Home Theatre Solution, a combination of hardware, software and seats, delivers the unique, award-winning D-BOX immersive cinematic motion experience. No modifications to your customer’s current audio and video hardware are necessary and the D-BOX Home Theatre Solution’s installation is easy, fast and flexible.

D-BOX Motion Control Solution


The D-BOX HEMC™ (Home Entertainment Motion Controller) stores the movie motion codes and connects to your customer’s home theatre D-BOX motion-enabled chairs and provides him/her with our unique, award-winning immersive cinematic motion experience.

Click here for available movies in D-BOX
  • Watch any D-BOX motion-encoded movie via any platform or technology, including video streaming.
  • D-BOX technology instantly recognizes and syncs with any D-BOX motion-encoded film.
  • Via the app, view the full, up-to-date list of more than 1,300 films encoded with D-BOX motion.
  • Via the app, customize the D-BOX motion experience for each seat in your home theatre.
  • Colour: Available in black
  • Network connection: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n or Ethernet 10/100/1000 Base-T LAN with dual antenna
  • Power: 120V / 230V / 240V
  • Motion output: USB, 4 ports
  • Input connection*: Audio jack 1/8
  • Input format*: Down mix stereo (R/L channel)
  • Connectivity to motion chairs: USB to Kai-1P and RJ45 shield between Kay-1P and motion driver
  • * Also possible with an external converter that accepts Coaxial Audio, Toslink and HDMI connections


iconUse your iOS or Android device to quickly and easily adjust your D-BOX home cinema seats by configuring your D-BOX HEMC™.
Browse through the Motion Code Library to get a quick view of all your D-BOX motion-enabled films stored in the HEMC™.
Create your own private hotspot using your HEMC™ or simply add it to your current Wi-Fi network.


  • Set your D-BOX HEMC™’s connectivity
  • Manage your D-BOX home cinema seat settings
  • View a list of your D-BOX motion-enabled films

Get it for free now!



Make sure you always use the latest version of your HEMC™ Windows application to fully enjoy your HEMC™. Keeping your application up to date is important. Please update it now.

Download Windows Application

    Calibrating your HEMC™

    D-BOX prides itself on its HEMC™ performance and reliability. Nevertheless, it is sometimes necessary to calibrate and fine-tune a few settings to get an even better immersive cinematic motion experience. Please follow the steps below to calibrate your HEMC™…

    • Play the calibration clip hosted on YouTube so the HEMC™ can hear the clip
    • Open the HEMC™ app
    • Wait until the HEMC™ recognizes the calibration clip (about 30 seconds)
    • Wait at least 10 seconds AFTER the clip is recognized so the synchronization stabilizes
    • Go to SETTINGS in the HEMC™ app
    Calibration Video

    Please note that all motion codes available pertain to the standard theatrical version of the movies.

    In order to enjoy your HEMC™ to the fullest, it must be up to date at all times. If you have an Internet connection in your home theatre: Your HEMC™ has the ability to auto update if it can access an active Internet connection. In this case you have nothing to do and the process is automatic (please consult the user guide for more information on this process). If you do not have an Internet connection in your home theatre: For users who do not have access to the Internet in their home theatre or who wish to proceed with the update manually, there is an alternative. Please download the latest Motion Code Update Package. It includes the latest home movie motion code releases as well as any necessary software updates. Keeping your HEMC™ up to date is important.

    If your HEMC™ is not updated to version 2.0 or more recent yet, please download this update and copy it to a USB key. Then, insert the USB key in any USB port on the HEMC™. The updater will run automatically.

    Download the Latest Release Notes

    If you want to browse through the entire D-BOX Motion Code Catalog, feel free to download the pdf.

    Download the movie catalog

    Remote Control – Communication Protocol

    The UDP and TCP/IP remote control communication protocol has been designed for an HEMC™ unit. Such a remote can be a personal computer, a cell phone or a tablet with a UDP/TCP communication program.

    RS-232 Remote Control Communication Protocol Guide


    We provide the best immersive motion experience in the business and relentlessly strive to offer you the best possible customer support to help you enjoy our amazing products.

    Don’t hesitate to contact us regarding any issue or request…

    Email Support

    To learn more about D-BOX motion control solution and get in touch with our home entertainment experts, visit this page.

    The D-BOX Motion Seating Solutions

    D-BOX is not a home theatre chair manufacturer. We manufacture the complete set of hardware and software required to perfectly deliver the exciting motion and textures that D-BOX is renowned for. In other words, our many seating partners around the world build home theatre chairs that will incorporate our motion technology.

    There are two ways to integrate motion into your customer’s home theatre:

    D-BOX Motion Platforms

    The D-BOX universal motion platforms are specifically aimed at home theatre enthusiasts looking for the next big innovation without parting with their current home theatre chairs. These motion platforms adapt for single, loveseat o/r sofa configurations by fitting under them.

    D-BOX Motion-Enabled Chairs

    Our seating partners manufacture a vast array of furniture. They respectively created a specific line of seating solutions carefully constructed to withstand the forces and vibrations applied to them during the viewing of a movie. These are called D-BOX Ready Chairs. D-BOX integrates in these special chairs its award-winning technology delivering an unsurpassed immersive cinematic motion experience. At this point, the chairs are called D-BOX Motion-Enabled Chairs. Thanks to the large catalog of D-BOX Motion-Enabled Chairs available to them, your customers have a great choice of appealing seating solutions.

    D-BOX offers two types of motion experiences:


    biaxial motion experience is based on the motion operating on two axes.


    triaxial motion experience is delivered by its motion operating on three axes. This provides your customer with a superior level of motion experience thanks to the third axis which provides an even more realistic up/down movement.

    D-BOX Seating Partners

    Click the “Partners” tab to view the list…

    To learn more about the D-BOX Motion Seating Solutions and get in touch with our home entertainment experts, visit this page.


    Here is a list, by country, of our many seating partners.

    Click on the country, then click on a seating partner to view their website and see the great seating selection your customers can choose from. D-BOX Motion-Ready Chairs are very special seats and not all seats displayed on the various sites are compatible with D-BOX’s technology.


    D-BOX is always out there spreading the word

    Check this section regularly for upcoming events and trade shows where you can visit our booths, try our demos and have a chat with us…

    2016-01 : CES 2016 – Las Vegas (Nevada) 2016-01 : CES 2016 - Las Vegas (Nevada)Learn more about D-BOX in VR after this link ( Contact us, let us know your impressions as you tried D-BOX Motion Solutions. If you didn’t have a chance to visit CES 2016, e-mail us to find out how to try D-BOX in your region. ) D-BOX Motion Cueing solutions are present in Simulators and in many ...

    2017-01 : CES 2017 – Las Vegas (NV) 2017-01 : CES 2017 –  Las Vegas (NV)Learn more about D-BOX in VR after this link ( Contact us, let us know your impressions as you tried D-BOX Motion Solutions. D-BOX Motion Cueing solutions are present in Simulators and in many entertainement contexts at home or in dedicated entertainement centers. CES is a fantastic opportunity to try it by yourself. As you are visiting CES that ...


    Lights, camera, action!

    With over 1,400 movies encoded for home theatre presentation, D-BOX brings new life to your customer’s movie collection and delivers thousands of hours of awesome entertainment by adding its immersive cinematic motion experience.

    Latest Motion Code Catalog

    D-BOX Motion Code Catalog : download the catalog here.

    Quick Search | Advanced Search

    Welcome to this download page. You will find here all the software, drivers and documentation you need to manage your home theatre D-BOX installation.

    Software and Drivers
    *Motion Core (Drivers, Control Panel, Game Center, Monitors, and Others) – v9.3 – 98.6MB
    ( 05/01/2020)
    HEMC App – v2.1.3 – 46MB
    ( 08/01/2019)
    Motion System Configurator – v2.0 – 242MB
    ( 05/01/2020)

    User Manuals, Guides and Forms
    014-975-0008-EN1_Appointment Scheduling ACM
    ( V1, 02/01/2019, 147.50 KB)
    014-975-0008-FR1_Rendez vous programmation ACM
    ( V1, 02/01/2019, 148.58 KB)
    150-914-0001-EN2_Installation guide 2250i 2400i
    ( V2, 04/24/2018, 1.5 Ko)
    150-914-0001-FR2_Guide installation 2250i 2400i
    ( V2, 04/24/2018, 1.5 Ko)
    152-914-0001-EN4_4250i-4400i, Actuators installation guide
    ( V4, 04/24/2018, 1.3 Ko)
    152-914-0001-FR4_4250i-4400i, Actuators installation guide
    ( V4, 04/24/2018, 1.4)
    156-914-0009-EN3_Installation guide 3250i
    ( V3, 04/24/2018, 728 Ko)
    156-914-0009-FR3_Guide installation 3250i
    ( V3, 04/24/2018, 956 Ko)
    164-914-0001-EN1_Installation guide, SRP 130_230_330.pdf
    ( V2, 04/10/2018, 4 Ko)
    164-914-0001-FR1_Guide installation, SRP 130_230_330.pdf
    ( V2, 04/10/2018, 3.7 Mo)
    164-914-0002-EN1_Installation guide, ACM 230S SRP 130_230_330.pdf
    ( V1, 04/10/2018, 3.2 Mo)
    164-914-0002-FR1_Guide installation, ACM 230S SRP130_230_330.pdf
    ( V1, 04/10/2018, 3.1 Mo)
    198-914-0016-EN3 RS232-UDP-TCP PROTOCOL Rev HEMC
    ( 3, 08/28/2017, 140 Ko)
    Credit Card Authorization Form
    ( 000-950-0004-EN1, 05/01/2013, 117.18 KB)
    D-BOX Motion System Configuration Manager Installation and User Manual
    ( 194-914-0010-EN2, 11/21/2017, 431 Ko)
    ( 3.0, 07/11/2018, 8 MG)
    HEMC Quick Installation Guide
    ( 1.0, 09/20/2016)
    Subscription Form
    ( 000-950-0002-EN5, 05/02/2013, 787.45 KB)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    D-BOX is the pioneer and world leader in non-distracting immersive cinematic motion. D-BOX motion-enabled chairs deliver a whole new and rich immersive motion experience that raises the movie-watching experience to the point where the viewer feels like s/he is literally in the movie.
    The D-BOX experience is delivered by combining D-BOX motion-enabled chairs, a motion controller, a movie and a set of motion codes. The motion controller sends the motion codes associated with the movie to the D-BOX motion enabled chair which contains a D-BOX motion kit embedded into it. This kit of special hardware (actuators) creates motion, vibrations and textures, which synchronize with the action playing on the screen.
    First you need to purchase a D-BOX motion-ready chair from one of our seating partners and have a D-BOX Motion Kit embedded into it. Now that your chair is D-BOX motion-enabled, you need to acquire a motion controller, the HEMC™ (Home Entertainment Motion Controller), as well as a set of cables and connectors. This combination of equipment will deliver D-BOX motion capabilities to your home theatre. All you need now is a movie!
    For those who wish to continue to enjoy their current home theatre chairs or sofas, D-BOX manufactures a motion platform. This device (SRP-130 or SRP-330) is placed under the chair or sofa and delivers motion via the HEMC™ (see previous answer).
    No you don’t. If the movie has motion codes designed for it, you will be able to enjoy the D-BOX experience, providing that you have the appropriate hardware and chairs installed in your home theatre.
    Yes you can. Whether you have AppleTV, Hulu, Netflix or other streaming sources, as long as the motion codes for the content are available, you will be able to enjoy the D-BOX experience.
    Over 1400 titles are available so far and we are adding more each week. The D-BOX motion code collection spans across twenty categories such as action, horror, children’s movies, suspense, thrillers, comedy and many more.
    Yes you can. When using an HEMC™ you can control the intensity of the vibrations and motion with your tablet (Apple, Windows or Android) via the HEMC App. You can customize each chair individually or all at the same time.
    Here is a map with all our authorized dealers. Please consult it and visit the one closest to you.