D-BOX Popup Theatres for your Events

Immersive Experience Solutions for your
Car Racing, Sport, eSport, Gaming Events and Festivals.

Engage visitors & consumers at an emotional level

  • Differentiated, emotional and physical immersive experience solutions for your events

  • New, unparalleled excitement and meaningful sensations for your visitors

  • Experience entertainment on a whole new level and create lasting memories

  • Feel it All: make emotions resonate, captivate and delight your audiences

Event Agencies & Producers

  • Enhance and amplify your events’ value
  • Increase visitor satisfaction & loyalty
  • Mobile turnkey solutions
  • Flexible solo or group experiences
  • Minimal disruption, easy, fast integration
  • Cost effective affordable pricing

Brand Managers & Agencies

  • Storytelling through motion
  • Stand out on-site & Differentiate your event’s brand activations
  • Innovate with a differentiated one of a kind experience