When you’ve been entrusted with the task of managing and developing high-end racing simulators for Porsche, the desire to exceed expectations is a natural reaction. After all, the iconic sports car is one of the most-loved brands in the world so the bar is perpetually set high.

For Thomas Kurrle, CEO at VISCHERS communication partners, the opportunity to work with Porsche AG’s Branded Entertainment department back in 2014 was one of those great opportunities that all agencies dream of. ”We saw this mandate as a chance to highlight our range of capabilities and depth of expertise to an audience with high expectations,” says Kurrle. “Andthe fact that we were overseeing the project from conception to worldwide implementation was a challenge that we were very happy to take on.

Working from their loft-like offices in Stuttgart, Germany, the talented team of experienced marketers set out to create a hyper-realistic driving experience that would be as close as possible to the real thing.

The vision from the get-go was to give people a true feel for what it was like to get behind the wheel of a Porsche and really feel the power. The experience of driving one is hard to describe, but we think our simulators come pretty close.”

Marc Strobel, head of simulation and key account manager at VISCHERS knew they’d have to pull out all the stops to create a simulator that would do justice to the legendary qualities that Porsche is revered for. Like the actual cars, the design, construction and performance of the simulators had to be above par,” says Strobel. “Plus, we knew the total experience would need to connect with racing fans, Porsche aficionados, potential customers and even kids, so it had to be on point because the target was wide.”

The agency determined early on that motion would need to be a key component in the VR/AR experience. One of the main concerns, however, was how to deal with the all-too-common problem of discomfort and disorientation that VR experiences are sometimes known for. Kurrle says they were able to expertly sidestep that hurdle by integrating D-BOX motion technology into the equation:

“ With D-BOX, that feeling of disorientation is non-existent because the motion is meticulously synced with the action on screen. What they do is masterfully create an exponential increase of authenticity in the simulated experience that can’t be beat.”

Given the tight deadlines that the agency was facing, working with D-BOX was a both a smart choice and a great experience. “This is a team of solution-driven professionals that are fast, focused team players,” according to Strobel. “The reliability and flexibility of their motion system is truly exceptional and definitely played a key role in the success of this mandate.”

By all accounts, the hard work and attention to detail that VISCHERS put into these simulators has paid off. The agency is now four years deep into their relationship with Porsche AG. And reaction from users around the world has been nothing short of spectacular. Which proves that when you have the right team and technology on your side, the road to success can be a rewarding ride.


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