A unique racing simulator strives for perfection

When you’re in the business of creating illusions, you have to be 100% based in the reality of how to do that.

So believes Paul Stary, CEO and President of VirtualGT, which produces high-performance racing simulators.

My philosophy is if you have an effect that’s not real, it is better not to have it at all he explains.Paul Stary, CEO and President of VirtualGT

MB-Sales-Photo-Hi-ResVirtualGT simulators combine audio, video, vibration, motion and race car controls technology in unique ways to create the most authentic racing experience. Instead of designing simulators like a race car, VirtualGT’s design is based on multi-media theater technology that tricks the mind into thinking it is driving a race car.

The approach encompasses special seating, immersive triple-screen video and well-designed effects including motion, which all work together in a balanced way to heighten the sense of reality.


The fully enclosed video display becomes a window – not a wall – into the virtual world.

You look through the displays instead of at them,” Stary explains. “Great simulation is defined by the quality of this illusion. Since 2002, VirtualGT has delivered more than 525 custom systems to racers, collectors and gamers around the world. The California-based company bills itself as the producer of the “world’s finest personal racing simulator.

That’s a tall order. And one that D-BOX helps to fill.

VGT-Carbon-No-BG-w-Reflect (1)The D-BOX Motion System supports all of the different simulation software that VirtualGT’s clientele needs. Affordable and easy to integrate, D-BOX technology uses rich motion cues to replicate the true-to-life, immersive effects of driving a race car.

Since 2009, Stary says D-BOX has blended well with VirtualGT’s philosophy to create the most realistic racing illusion possible. Stary discovered D-BOX after a colleague mentioned the name to him in the early 2000s. After a year or two of hearing about the company, he decided to give D-BOX a try. Now he wishes he’d done it sooner.

D-BOX is the world’s best Motion System for our concept because it blends together with all of our other effects in such a seamless way,” he says. “If motion becomes noticeable, that means it’s not realistic. The whole idea is when simulation is perfect, you don’t even realize what’s happening.

For race training to have long-term benefits, the illusion must be sustained for long periods of time. Many VirtualGT users spend hours in the seat. “The D-BOX Motion System helps racers stay in the zone, and maintains their focus and the intensity of the experience to get the maximum training benefits,” Stary says.

These days, almost every one of VirtualGT’s customers’ requests that their simulator includes motion. And if they don’t, Stary says it’s just a matter of time before they add it.

The D-Box software and product perform so well, they really complete the VirtualGT experience. Once our users try D-BOX motion, they want it.