LAAD 2015: Simulation for the Brazilian Navy

(source :Miltech)

While simulation is on everybody`s mind in Brazil, the Marinha do Brazil CASNAV (centro de analyses de sitemas navais) is bringing more innovation than ever with its new proof of concept simulator. This ship bridge simulator called simpass is a complete solution for training allowing ship bridge crew to train for virtually any type of vessels. And it is presented at LAAD.

Simpass embeds high fidelity dynamics simulation of vessel movements, wave generation of all sea states, visualization and rich graphics for instruments visualization and out of the window displays. The control software allows to create scenarios in several locations and for different types of operations. Simpass specifications follow DNV certification standards.

Assisted by Adventure tech, CASNAV team lead by Captain Coreixas, was able to add this year some innovative products for visualization (Oculus) and for motion. (D-BOX). Simpass is now capable to make trainees not only see and hear but also feel their training exercises (and ship movements).

“This ship bridge simulator is a flexible simulator, capable of a large versatility in term of vessels, its modular structure allows different layers of immersion. D-BOX Motion Systems added the ultimative layer of immersion delivering the precise feeling of operating in the ship bridge,” said Capitao de Corveta Ricardo Sampaio, CASNAV.

The D-BOX motion tools allow a small footprint, plug & play operations (USB connections for integration to all software available on the market) and cost effective performance. The actuators are based on electro-magnetic and therefore are very compact, need no liquids and have no friction. There are several available with extensions of 1.5 to 6 inch lifting. Their high frequency signals simulate the real vibration of the ship engines and the wave motions. The system has an open plug & play architecture and can be set up by the end user.

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