Drawing bridges between high fidelity flight dynamics model and motion-cueing systems

ITEC 2016, London, UK – D-BOX and RT Dynamics are making the virtual training community able to easily build simulators to augment training transfer. Hardware-software pre-integrations are making life easier for all integrators. It allows them to focus on building curriculum to serve better the training needs. COTS Integrations prevent training and simulation professionals from spending too much time on drawing bridges between technology components.

In its journey to support even more COTS high fidelity software for simulation, D-BOX Technologies Inc. just concluded an agreement with RT Dynamics to jointly work on the integration of RotorLib with D-BOX Motion-Cueing Systems.

“RotorLib is based on RT Dynamics’ proven experience in high fidelity software solutions and we believe this integration will bring more flexibility to those who strive to build high fidelity cost efficient simulators for fixed and rotary wings” said Claude Mc Master, President and Chief Executive Officer of D-BOX Technologies Inc.

“D-BOX Motion-Cueing Systems are already supporting a large number of simulation software from the gaming and training community. RT Dynamics wanted to support out of the box a large number of I/Os and controls in RotorLib. The choice of D-BOX for motion-cueing systems was obvious as they provide what we believe to be one
of the most innovative solutions to bring motion to simulators.” Devrim Erdem, Managing Director at RTDynamics