D-BOX congratulates Presagis on the launch of HELICRAFT at i/itsec 2016

Of all the events scheduled for I/ITSEC 2016, one of the most exciting for the entire Sim & Train team at D-BOX Technologies Inc. will be the launch of HELICRAFT, a high-fidelity customizable helicopter simulator, by Presagis, a leading provider of commercial modelling, simulation, and embedded software.
This new simulation solution is an important step forward for the Montreal-based company and comes after close collaboration between D-BOX motion integrators and Presagis to fine-tune the integration between D-BOX’s motion systems and HELICRAFT.

Over the last few years, Presagis and D-BOX have successfully worked on prototypes to demonstrate how they can improve the immersive experience, increase knowledge transfer and solve the problems inherent to virtual training for helicopter pilots. This launch is the culmination of this hard work and shows what can be achieved when two dynamic organizations combine their skills and expertise to redefine the training process with best-in-breed solutions.

“By integrating D-BOX’s motion system in HELICRAFT, we have expanded the possibilities and reduced the barrier of entry to high-fidelity simulation, “says Stephane Roy, Simulation Product Manager at Presagis. “Working with D-BOX has allowed us to use realistic motion cues to enhance the experience with a level of details unheard of in past years,” explains Roy.

“For example, when manipulating RPM Control, the user will immediately feel the engine acceleration due to the motion of the seat rather than just seeing the results on their instruments display. This small nuance makes a huge difference in the overall experience.”

For a closer look at HELICRAFT, visit Presagis at their booth #1057.

“This is the culmination of years of hard work and validates their focus on creating innovative new solutions that will move the industry forward,” says Yannick Gemme, Vice President, Sales, Simulation & Training at D-BOX. “HELI CRAFT answers the industry’s universal need for more realism, deployability, and scalability. That’s why we’re proud to see our motion technology integrated in HELI CRAFT and we look forward to many more years of collaboration.”