Bringing unparalleled freedom and control over virtual training kinaesthetic cues

D-BOX Technologies Inc. is proud to introduce “D-BOX Gen II” (for 2nd generation) actuators for the training and simulation community. This latest evolution of its motion-cueing solutions gives adopters an unprecedented range of creativity and flexibility, yet stays true to the ease of deployment and cost efficiency the company is recognized for.

More degrees of freedom to make the impossible possible

D-BOX adopters will be able to unleash their creative potential and reproduce any type of motion with D-BOX actuators. Once integrated, the D-BOX Gen II actuators are able to generate motion cues both vertically and horizontally giving integrators the capability of building a great freedom of movement in three-dimensional space (6 DOF) platforms for absolute freedom and flexibility.

D-BOX Gen II is bringing more freedom and evolution capabilities to simulation and training technical experts who understand the significance of feeling real world cues in a virtual training environment”, explains Claude Mc Master, President and Chief Executive Officer of D-BOX. “D-BOX Gen II is our way of responding to the needs of this community who has been asking for a solution like this for some time.

Scalability meets evolution

In keeping with its long-standing commitment to give customers the ability to build on their investment, D-BOX designed the new Gen II to be retro compatible with all existing D-BOX Motion Code software. In addition, by making their motion-cueing solutions more flexible and expansive, D-BOX gives their clients the power to scale up on their existing software and bring the immersive simulation and training experience to a whole new level.

D-BOX Gen II will be officially available on September 15th,, 2016, however early adopters can get advance access prior to the launch.
If you have questions or need more information, please contact us.

D-BOX Gen II Actuators 3in for Horizontal and Vertical DOFs

D-BOX Gen II, the new generation of D-BOX Motion Cueing Systems is here.
Optimal technology that simulates real-life movement and vibrations

A state-of-the-art motion-cueing system, our technology seamlessly integrates with truck and car simulators, ensuring quick deployment and low maintenance. D-BOX motion-cueing systems are equally compatible with industry simulation software and serious games to create fully immersive simulated experiences for training and analysis.

Horizontal Motion 6in D-BOX Actuators

D-BOX motion-cueing systems enable you to develop highly reliable training and analysis applications that respond and adapt to many variable conditions.

The Gen II actuators are meant to be integrated to generate motions cues both vertically and horizontally. Integrators will now be able to build Motion Cueing solutions allowing 6DOF based on D-BOX Gen II actuators.

D-BOX Gen II Actuators 1.5″ 2016-06-10 15_11_28-SpecsSheet_1 5.pdf - Adobe Reader D-BOX Gen II Actuators 3″ D-BOX Gen II Actuators 6″

D-BOX motion hardware can be integrated into a seat, platform or other surface to simulate a range of textures and scalable axes of movement. Our motion-cueing systems are evolutive and scalable. We can help you select the optimal arrangement of actuators for your application, ensuring you deliver on budget and on time. We can help you to implement the most efficient simulation environment for your needs. To learn more and get in touch with our experts, visit this page.


This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about D-BOX Gen II please get in touch with our experts, visit this page.

Gen II is a major update of D-BOX suite of hardware and software.

  • New Actuators (Horizontal or Vertical placements made possible)
  • New Actuator Control Module (ACM) Gen II (to manage new actuators and replace the previous ACM Generation)
  • New ending (Omnidirectional endings to replace Gen 1 directional endings. New Ball Joint endings.)
  • AIF program allowing to reprogram ACMs to allow relative actuators definition (Quad, Triad, Dual, position, assigned DOF)
  • Firmware update via D-BOX website (allowing independent and controlled evolution of firmware by customers themselves)
  • Existing 3 DOF motion codes are natively supported
  • Motion codes evolution to 6 DOF will be progressively done by D-BOX or based on demand from adopters

D-BOX provides actuators kits and software integrations.
D-BOX remains commited to its core mission and will continue to promote a very scalable offer.

To ensure that D-BOX users are enabled to build solutions with just the right Degrees of Freedom (DOFs) they need, the actuators approach is the most flexible one.

However D-BOX is also providing services to help integrators to validate their configurations and hardware integrations to allow them to build their motion plateforms (including the new 6DOFs made possible by Gen II)

Existing installed Motion Cueing Kits will remain and be supported. Progressively the legacy D-BOX equipment will be replaced by Gen II.

All existing D-BOX Motion Codes allowing integration with different software and games are compatible with Gen II.
However users willing to leverage D-BOX Gen II Actuators to generate Sway, Surge or Yaw movements will need to use an adapted Motion Code. (Need a specific Motion Code for more than 3DOFs : contact the Training and Simulation team at D-BOX )