An interactive simulator prototype by D-BOX and its partners LaserShot, Scalable Display, Bohemia Interactive, Esterline, Agenium

Embedded Tactical Team Trainer | Innovative solution fuses latest trends and technologies

Immersive team training feature motion cueing, immersive visuals and auto-calibration all in a rapid deployment transportable package.

Visitors to I/ITSEC 2015 can operate a new state-of-the-art Embedded Tactical Team Trainer on booth #1026. This system of systems breaks ground to provide the most innovative training environment for drivers and gunners anywhere in the world.

This combined simulator with a driver/pilot position and an unstabilized gunnery trainer was envisioned by D-BOX, a Quebec, Canada-based Company that designs, manufactures and markets cutting-edge motion systems for training and simulation.

To realize its vision, D-BOX tapped into the expertise of some of its most trusted partners: Agenium (software integration and tests), Bohemia Interactive (core simulation and visualization software), Esterline (visual display hardware), Scalable Display (projection configuration and edge-blending) and LaserShot (gunner equipment and training scenario).

Together with its network of partners, D-BOX analyzed customer demands and current market needs. Pooling knowledge, skill and resources, the experts matched industry trends with up-to-the-minute technologies.

The result? A prototype that solves four main challenges for today’s training needs:

  • Immersion
  • Team training
  • Deployability
  • Cost

Immersion: the best visual feedback and motion cues

The Embedded Tactical Team Trainer provides trainees with the finest immersion techniques through motion and visual cues. It integrates world-class technologies from D-BOX, Esterline and Laser Shot to create true-to-life training scenarios.

On the gunner’s side, the unstabilized gunnery trainer leverages Laser Shot’s fidelity-simulated recoil weapons which allow trainees to experience increased gunner proficiency thus reducing ammunition consumption with significant reduction cost. D-BOX also leveraged Laser Shot’s expertise in generate realistic scenes.

Esterline - TD-SeriesThe driver’s station features Esterline’s high-quality, transportable TREALITY dome. TREALITY is an established leader in the training and simulation market. The line new TD-Series brings realistic flight, ground, vehicle or mining simulation as close as possible to actual operations.

The dome comes in different sizes and configurations so users can select the best options  for their needs. Combining technological leadership with clever engineering, this series creates stunning visualization system that is cost-effective, compact and easy to deploy.

Team training improves gunner and driver synchronization

The simulator exploits top-tier features to offer trainees maximum readiness for the real thing.

By exposing trainees to real-life sequences, drivers and gunners can exercise the best communication link that exists between them: their gut. The way they feel what is happening in their vehicle influences their actions as members of a tactical team.

The Embedded Tactical Team Trainer uses kinesthetic cues to build drivers’ and gunners’ psychomotor reflexes in any climate or condition. Gunners will learn how to anticipate movements and maintain their aim by reacting to vehicle motion through the simulator’s motion cues and fine vibrations.

The software architecture for this prototype is based on an industry standard in game-based military simulation, Virtual Battlespace 3 (VBS3). Created by Bohemia Interactive Simulation, VBS3 is a flexible simulation solution for scenario training, mission rehearsal and team exercises.

Easy deployability: containerized or embedded

Simulators must be able to be shipped easily around the world so trainees can use them at a moment’s notice. D-BOX’s new Embedded Tactical Team Simulator answers this call.

As a COTS simulator, the prototype can be transported and installed anywhere, and requires little maintenance. Its simple software architecture allows for flawless integration with industry simulation software. It can also be used to develop solutions in the field at once.

The simulator uses TREALITY TD-series transportable dome displays, which Esterline developed for fast deployment. The displays require an absolute minimum of adjustment, and they fit and operate in a standard ISO container. (Download the Video describing the TD-series)

D-BOX actuators mounting configuration are also flexible: they can be installed in either a captive or non-captive configuration. Users can bolt them to a container or simply put  them against the floor..

D-BOX components can be assembled around existing simulators architecture. This makes the simulator easy to set up and making it legacy systems upgrade ready.

A cost-effective solution

D-BOX’s Embedded Tactical Team Trainer allows practice exercises at a fraction of traditional training cost. The simulator has the flexibility to use software simulating any vehicle in any place, and can be reconfigured for different types of vehicle or training scenarios.

This trainer is a testimony of creative achievement coming from a group of like-minded innovators dedicated to create defense and security solution for wide spread deployment.

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