The EDISER Group is a major player in the market for educational engineering, with state-of-the-art driving and training centers. Nicolas Akarsu, head of export sales and international business development, has been with Ediser for about 10 years, and has seen the company go through many evolutions.

While their driving training and simulations are among the best in Europe, that’s not how the company got its start. Their roots are in publishing, printing manuals for all elements of driver training.

In 2001, they were looking for a way to differentiate themselves from the competition. Ediser decided to move into the field of simulation training, with innovative, immersive multimedia simulators, and computer-based training.

They kept their traditional training tools of books and DVDs, but added to their repertoire with immersive multimedia products. This ensured that all of their offerings were fully integrated, meaning that a student who began studying with a printed handbook would be able to seamlessly transition to the interactive training.

They now support over 3000 active driving schools 1000 driving simulators across Europe, thanks to their innovations. Students can now study at home with materials on their laptops or smart phones. This theoretical work is followed by practical training in a D-BOX-enabled simulator, which provided a much-needed cue: vibrations. The vibration created by the D-BOX Motion Systems gives the trainees motion-based feedback on their performance – specifically their braking – and, most importantly, makes them feel like they’re in a real car.

D-Box Platform reproduces in real time the movements and driving sensations of a vehicle in his environment according to the actions performed. Various movements during acceleration or deceleration or actions such as pitch or roll are all faithfully restored. Vibrations also restore the irregularities of the road vibrations and jolts (curb, pothole, speed changes, skid …) and provide more reliability and performance.Therefore Ediser simulators powered by D-BOX Motion Systems offers the highest fidelity motion systems at the best value.
Nicolas Akarsu – Head of export sales and international business development, EDISER

The experience in a D-BOX enabled Ediser simulator is so true-to-life, the ministry of transportation recognizes one hour of simulation training as one hour of in-car training. And instructors have noted that training in the simulator is much more efficient, especially when it comes to training their students for specific situations. It’s much safer – and easier – to recreate it in simulation than it is to drive around searching for different scenarios and conditions.

Furthermore, each student’s time and training in the simulator is recorded, aggregating all their learning and training in an extensive database. Ediser is the only company in Europe that is able to provide such a comprehensive system, thanks in part to their D-BOX Motion Systems.


The future looks bright for Ediser. Their products are aleady officially recognized by the ministry of transportation, who frequently consult Ediser for advice on training and simulation. Going forward, they plan to work with a wider network of partners and organizations to help improve driver training and make it safer, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly.