D-BOX Motion plugin for VBS3 allows users to simply connect any VBS application to D-BOX Motion Solution and to feel the action.

With the D-BOX Motion plugin, any desktop-based application can be transformed into a more immersive simulator.

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Product Features

  • Motion: Replicate motion of any vehicle simulated in VBS
  • Vibrations: Engines, rotors, ground textures, and many other vibrations simulated are transferred from VBS to the trainee
  • Collisions, weapons and explosions: Special effects, detonations and contacts with other platforms are becoming kinesthetic cues for the soldiers
  • VBS compatibility: VBS3 compatible
  • D-BOX compatibility : Compatible with any D-BOX actuator kits and configurations

In addition to VBS and the D-BOX motion plugin, customers will need to secure related D-BOX hardware.

D-BOX offers a versatile plug-and-play solution to incorporate motion simulation into Virtual Battlespace scenarios. If you’re looking to increase immersion for drivers, equipment operators and pilots, D-BOX provides the kinesthetic cues to provide trainees with accurate feedback.
Pete Morrison Co-CEO, Bohemia Interactive simulations