Pursuing its goal to further develop its footprint within the simulation and training community, D-BOX Technologies Inc. is proud to announce its presence at the ITEC trade show. From May 17 to 19, in London (UK), D-BOX will demonstrate its innovative motion-cueing systems integrated for army, air force and navy with prestigious partners, like Bohemia Interactive Simulations, Esterline and Presagis.

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During ITEC 2016, D-BOX presented demos at the following booths

#E110 – with Bohemia Interactive Simulations – Virtual Reality (VR) Flight Simulator
With a virtual environment generated by VBS Blue, the VR flight simulator will combine D-BOX Motion-Cueing Systems and a Vesaro simulator with the Oculus Rift CV1 to provide a highly immersive training environment. An integrated Leap Motion sensor will enable users to freely interact with a highly detailed virtual crewstation that simulates the job performance environment. The avionics, weapon systems and flight models of an F-18 will be simulated by the Flex-Air application from SA Simulations. (read the entire story here)
(in partnership with Bohemia Interactive, Vesaro, Oculus)

#G110 – with Esterline TREALITY TD-series and D-BOX Motion-Cueing Systems: an example of a deployable and immersive training system
This prototype training system not only provides realistic visual and motion cues but also sound cues for the vehicle and its environment that reinforce the simulation realism for the trainees. This total immersive environment makes this “team training system” and effective tool available where troops are and provide on-site training anywhere in the world. (read the entire story in our press-kit)
(in partnership with Agenium, Bohemia Interactive, Cursive Simulation and Esterline)

#D132 – with Presagis – Presagis partners with D-BOX to present a high-accuracy open architecture helicopter simulator 
For ITEC 2016, Presagis, a leading provider of commercial modeling, simulation, and embedded software, has partnered with D-BOX Technologies Inc. who designs and creates motion effects specifically programmed for each visual content. (read the entire story here)
(in partnership with Presagis and Ryan Aerospace)

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In addition of these 3 booth D-BOX is presenting the RAF Shawbury Part-task trainers Testimonial (read more here) and its recent agreement with RT Dynamics (read more here).


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