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D-BOX Motion System is a simple alternative to traditional Training Systems, by offering a practical and modular motion cueing system that can be integrated with any existing or future simulators in the field. Leveraging D-BOX technology to training simulators increases both safety and productivity for operators, pilots and gunners across the spectrum of industries from construction and heavy equipment to automotive and defense.

I/ITSEC 2015 is now over. Time for us to sum up what we revealed and shared with our visitors during the conference.

  • D-BOX Motion Systems innovations including interoperability, embedded training and immersion.
  • Testimonials from partners including Thales, Rockwell Collins, Mechanical Simulation and others.
  • 3 new interactive simulators for Ground, Air and Maritime training.

Play this guided tour video report from NTSA today here or read the following detailled information on this page.


Embedded Tactical Team Trainer

Helicopter Pilots trainer

  • (MEDIA) Watch Shephard Media video report on this topic
    “…  With use of the motion simulator, the trainee can experience the bank and pitch of the aircraft, as well as vibrations from the rotorblades. ‘What we are doing now is expanding it to see how modular [the architecture] really is and how open it is,’ said Larry Kermon, product line manager at Rockwell Collins. The simulator at I/ITSEC was flown by former Royal Canadian Air Force pilot Greg Leis, who told Shephard that the vibration-cueing from the motion simulator made it feel realistic. ‘With more time and a higher fidelity flight model, the level of realism in training will be outstanding,’ he added. …”

Military Truck Simulator

  • Discover D-BOX Motion Cueing Systems benefits from Mechanical Simulation point of view 
    “…Some of our customers use hexapod simulators,” says McGinnis, “but frequently they are too complicated and the motion does not relate to the wide range of drivers we need to engage with. We also have a lot of experience with fixed-base driving simulators and find that drivers need more than steering feedback to get a sense of driving dynamics. D-BOX proved to be a more nimble option…”


D-BOX’s sophisticated motion-cueing solution defines a new paradigm in the simulation industry and delivers upon its core promise to Move the World.

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Contact us to learn more about D-BOX Motion-Cueing Systems or any of the demos at I/ITSEC 2015