Our exclusive demos were in booth #1149

D-BOX Motion System is a simple alternative to traditional simulation Motion Systems, by offering a practical and modular motion cueing system that can be integrated with any existing or future simulators in the field. Leveraging D-BOX technology to training simulators increases both safety and productivity for operators, pilots and gunners across the spectrum of industries from construction and heavy equipment to automotive and defense.

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RELEASE THE MOTION with the first D-BOX 4 DoF simulator!!!

This year is a year of innovation. We are very happy to be showing for the very first time the additional capacities of the ”D-BOX Gen II”. This latest evolution of its motion-cueing solutions gives adopters an unprecedented range of creativity and flexibility, yet stays true to the ease of deployment and cost efficiency the company is recognized for.

This demonstration is made in partnership with McGregor Performance. The drift simulator pushes the limits of cueing with 6 D-BOX 6” actuators moving a single seat chassis in perfect synchrony with the host software, Assetto Corsa.

Moving 6 inches in heave, 12 degrees of roll and pitch, and a yaw motion of 120 degree, this demonstrator is the first of its kind and being officially released on the I/ITSEC show floor.

D-BOX Gen II is bringing more freedom and evolution capabilities to simulation and training technical experts who understand the significance of feeling real world cues in a virtual training environment”, explains Claude Mc Master, President and Chief Executive Officer of D-BOX. “D-BOX Gen II is our way of responding to the needs of this community who has been asking for a solution like this for some time.

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Get ready for FULL FIDELITY in rotor flight pilot training


When no compromise is desired, you can rely on this Bell 206 simulator to raise the bar of innovation allow you to fly into uncharted territory. After years of making their mark on the industry, the highly competitive companies have teamed up to demonstrate a revised Bell 206 helicopter pilot trainer.

Given the overall growing budget deficits in the industry and market needs for improved systems, the fact that it utilizes COTS Solutions from the training and simulation industry is added value.


“D-Box motion cueing takes the flight training experience to the next level.  D-Boxes’ robust design, ease of installation, safe operation and affordability make it one of the best enhancements to our product line. Pilots want the Seat of the Pants feel, especially when flying in inclement weather conditions.  The perception of movement is extraordinary; ground textures to engine vibration, flap and landing gear drag, turbulence and stall buffet are many of the important elements that greatly enhance the flight training environment. Our simulators are filling a need within the market and solving some of the main challenges the flight training industry is facing.

By combining optimum hardware with the best visuals and the finest motion cueing, we have created a highly-immersive, exciting solution that is extremely effective and easy to adapt,”  said Mike Altman, (CEO/President at Precision Flight Controls).

Precision Flight Controls is a long time D-BOX partner and recognized as a global leader in providing flight training organizations with affordable, high-fidelity, flight simulation components and systems. PFC’s systems simulate dozens of general aviation and commercial aircraft as well as today’s most popular technically advanced aircraft

Ryan Aerospace (established 2005) specializes in the design, manufacture and through-life support of high quality, cost-effective helicopter simulator training platforms for military, civil and emergency services applications.

Diamond Visionics sets the standard for high-performance Image Generation software.  Their unparalleled real-time rendering runs directly from GIS source data eliminating the need for expensive pre-built databases.  They provide a wide range of visual simulation capabilities to meet customer needs ranging from mission rehearsal training to full motion-based simulators.

Q4 Services is a provider of innovative visual display systems and related services. Q4’s unique manufacturing process and in-house engineering capabilities provide clients with an unmatched, value-added training partner for any project size, or complexity. An ability to be flexible and agile helps Q4 consistently meet or exceed performance specifications for each customer and deliver them on time; every time.

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Come to meet our partners

Bohemia Interactive’s Joint Op VR Demo (Booth #2235)

See D-BOX Motion Cueing technology combined with BISim’s VBS Blue IF for state-of-the-art whole-earth image generation for a Virtual Reality-based Apache attack helicopter simulation during BISim’s joint operation demonstration

About Bohemia Interactive Simulation : Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) is a global software company at the forefront of simulation and training solutions for defense and civilian organizations. Our mission is to harness the explosive potential of technology to revolutionize training and simulation. BISim utilizes the latest game-based technology and a large, experienced in-house team of engineers to develop high-fidelity, cost-effective training and simulation software products and components for defense applications.

Calytrix’s Driver Challenge (Booth #1020)

Test your skills on the Vanguard driving simulator, where you will experience every bump in the road (with our 15cm level of fidelity ground detail) as you hurtle down a steep hill in your 11-tonne protected vehicle. And if you are good enough, you just might make the our Top 10 drivers list.

Titan Vanguard is a sign-post for the future of virtual and indeed constructive simulation. By default, Vanguard delivers the entire World’s terrain on your laptop at 15cm accuracy on the ground in a visually stunning and highly realistic 3D environment, which is deformable in real-time, at no cost. As viewed from space, Vanguard displays the APP-6A symbology of globally distributed forces.

About Calytrix : Calytrix is a leading provider of Training and Simulation solutions. Calytrix in close partnership with TitanIM are working to deliver the “Future of Simulation” with the Titan Vanguard Synthetic Environment. Delivering a ‘whole of world’ solution that consolidates the land, sea, air & space domains in stunning visuals, Vanguard provides a new and flexible approach for all manner of  virtual training, development and simulator needs.

CM Labs’ JLVT Trainer (Booth #1620)

Booth visitors will be able to get behind the wheel of a simulated JLTV on an off-road patrol scenario to experience Vortex Studio’s ground vehicle simulation capabilities. The simulation will run on CM Labs’ immersive Vortex Advantage simulator hardware, with a motion platform that highlights the realism of the Vortex Studio simulation, including the distinct experiences of driving on compact terrain, driving through mud, or fording a river.

About CMLabs : CM Labs builds simulation-based solutions to help clients design advanced equipment and prepare for skilled operations. Through our Vortex Studio platform, we provide capabilities for training simulators, mission rehearsal, serious games, virtual prototyping, and testing. Today, we our Construction Training Simulator product line , we are the leading vendor for simulation-based training in the construction industry.

Doron’s dual truck demo (Booth #2701)

Doron’s 550Truckplus and 660Truckplus driving simulator system are the most powerful driver training tool for today’s transportation industry. Come and try them both at Doron’s booth this year.

About Doron Precision Systems :  Doron Precision Systems Inc. has over 45 years of experience in driving simulation, including ongoing military contracts, transit, truck, law enforcement, emergency response, and mining industry products, and traffic safety experts. Doron has delivered more than 25,000 simulators in over 60 countries worldwide.

FAAC’s blue light trainer (Booth #1481)

About FAAC : (1) FAAC provides high-fidelity military simulators like the Air National Guard KC-135 Boom Operator Simulation System (KC-135 BOSS), US Army Virtual Clearance Training Suite (VCTS), and driving simulators for logistics and combat vehicles. (2) FAAC provides validated aviation weapons models for air combat ranges and fighter aircraft operational flight programs. (3) FAAC Commercial delivers simulation solutions to transit and rail markets, as well as public safety agencies, addressing the unique training needs of Police, Fire, and EMS professionals. (4) FAAC’s MILO Division is an industry leader in judgment/use-of-force and firearms training simulators.

Motion Revolution by Immersive Displays (Booth #1273)

About IDSI : Immersive Display Solutions Inc. (“IDSI”) is a leading provider of visual displays to a variety of commercial and government customers. The Company’s core offering is comprised of off-the-shelf and custom cylindrical, panoramic and spherical visual display solutions to customers in visualization, simulation and training markets. Utilizing best of breed technology from our broad base of technological partnerships, IDSI is a value-add display and systems integrator that provides full lifecycle development capabilities, providing solutions from concept to installation to service and post-installation support.

Presagis’ Helicraft (Booth #1762)

About Presagis : Presagis is a global leader providing commercial modeling, simulation and embedded software solutions to the aerospace, defense and security, and critical infrastructure markets. Presagis combines an open simulation development framework with expert professional services to help customers streamline development workflows, reduce project risks, and deliver game quality immersive simulations.