Post I/ITSEC recap

10+ Simulators on D-BOX Motion for I/ITSEC 50th Anniversary

D-BOX Motion System is a simple alternative to traditional simulation Motion Systems, by offering a practical and modular motion cueing system that can be integrated with any existing or future simulators in the field. Leveraging D-BOX technology to training simulators increases both safety and productivity for operators, pilots and gunners across the spectrum of industries from construction and heavy equipment to automotive and defense.

Aside from it being the 50th anniversary of the I/ITSEC conference, it is also a special year for D-BOX as 12 of our Motion Cueing systems will be on display.

Today, our product developments are still defined by a strong desire to innovate but it’s propelled by a compulsion to exceed the needs of a changing industry. That organic amalgamation created a new level of product readiness for us. We’ve developed more integrated solutions that can accommodate a range of simulators from different forces including air, army, navy, and marines. We know that each vehicle has very particular motion cues, and we can use all of our experience and learnings to effectively replicate them with our system.
Yannick Gemme, Vice President, Sales, Simulation & Training at D-BOX

4 simulators will be available at the D-BOX booth (#2457) :

  • VR Gunner Trainer in partnership with Raydon
    VR Gunner Trainer – UGT-I Retrofit 2016-12-05-12_37_29-youtubeRaydon works with D-BOX to integrate motion into their gunner platform and creates an unequaled VR training experience. Most marksmen would tell you that fog of war and information overload are their true enemies. Gunners are either over stimulated with a barrage of visuals and radio communications, or their skills are severely tested with a limited …

  • MRAP Driver Simulator with CM Labs
    MRAP DRIVER SIMULATOR 2016-12-05-10_42_41-new-vx-advantage-from-cm-labs-running-on-d-box-booth-at-i_itsec-2016-youtubeCM LABS presents new all-terrain vehicle driver trainers featuring the new GEN-II system by D-BOX As the requirements for military ground vehicle training evolve, the industry is facing a number of challenges that will have to be met if they are to remain relevant and competitive. With more complex equipment on board, shrinking budgets, and heightened …

  • Bell 206 Helicopter Simulator with Precision Flight Controls and Quantum3D
    Bell 206 Helicopter Simulator dsc_2760D-BOX Technologies, Precision Flight Control and Quantum3D combine expertise and technologies to fly the Bell 206 helicopter simulator into uncharted territory. With so many companies competing for everyone’s attention at I/ITSEC 2016, standing out from the crowd is a challenge that most exhibitors have a hard time with. Of course, flashy display booths, colorful visuals, and …

  • CRX Part Task Trainer with Precision Flight Controls


D-BOX Motion Cueing Systems will also support and bring motion and vibrations to 8 simulators on 6 adopters booths make sure to visit and try these :

    • Bohemia Interactive Simulations (F18-A VR Jet Fighter) booth #2348
      F/A-18 VR Pilot Training – Bohemia Interactive Simulation 2016-12-05-12_32_53-youtubePortability, readiness and cost savings are the order of the day. Bohemia Interactive Simulations bring F/A-18 VR pilot training device to ITSEC with the help of D-BOX technologies. You would be hard pressed to find anyone in the crowd at ITSEC this year that would challenge you on the fact that the military industry is currently facing …

    • CM Labs (Doron Precision Systems simulator) booth #2270


Simulation subject matter experts were at the D-BOX booth to answer questions and shared their experiences and insights with our vistors.

Read the article from Military Technology a publication by Monch about D-BOX at I/ITSEC 2016 : D-BOX technologies spreads its wings

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