Driving Simulation & Virtual Reality Conference

Held in Stuttgart, Germany, the 2017 edition of the Driving Simulation Conference (DSC) is sponsored by Optis and organised by the Driving Simulation Association, FKFS and Renault. The goal of this international conference is to offer academics and practitioners a global overview of driving simulation technology, research and development.

Among the many highlights of the conference will be 3 demos presented by D-BOX and its simulation partner.

D-BOX motion for SCANeR with Oktal and SiFaT Road Safety

Combining OKTAL SCANeR ™ studio and SiFat Road Safety’s generic driving simulator, this demo effectively simulates the sensation of a compact car in an urban environment using D-BOX motion-cueing technology.

SCANeR™studio is a complete software tool that meets all the challenges of driving simulation. Far from being a “black box” tool, it is a genuine, evolving, extendable and open simulation platform that answers the needs of researchers and engineers. Main Modules include Models (Dynamic Vehicle, Autonomous Traffic, Pedestrians and Scripting), Restitutors (Visual, Sound, Dynamic Platform), and Acquisitions (Virtual or Real Pilot, tracking systems, physiological data).

D-BOX Motion Cueing Systems are integrated out of the box with SCANeR for a complete, hassle-free experience.

SiFaT Road Safety offers a wide variety of professional driving simulation solutions for the industry from turnkey training suites to custom hardware and software integration. SiFaT is a trusted partner with D-BOX in the automotive industry. Located in Berlin, his expertise with the D-BOX Motion Cueing system is perfect to assist you with your project.


D-BOX motion for a Porsche simulator from Vischers

Vischers developed a high-end racing simulator for Porsche AG’s Branded Entertainment department using the sim racing video game, Assetto Corsa. The demo successfully combines the fascination of motorsport with the current Porsche production models making it possible for young and old alike to interactively experience the excitement of one of the world’s most beloved automobiles.

Vischers is a team of experienced communications professionals from a variety of sectors, working with a high degree of expertise and commitment for the success of theirs clients.  

You can also read the case study about our partnership.


D-BOX Technologies teams up with ICAR for an exciting VR driving experience

This action-packed, 2-minute VR ride takes you on an exciting lap around the Sanair track in Quebec with professional pilot on a D-BOX VR Entertainment chair.

For more than 10 years, D-BOX has been working with the simulation industry to create top-tier experiences. We’ve also partnered with Formula 1 to develop an off-track attraction and are part of ICAR, Canada’s largest racing motion simulator centre in Mirabel, Quebec. Our strength is in creating hyper-realistic, immersive entertainment experiences by moving the body and sparking the imagination through motion. This expertise is one of the reasons why we have collaborated with some of the best companies in the world to deliver new ways to tell great stories. Whether it’s movies, video games, virtual reality applications, themed entertainment or professional simulation, we’re driven by a desire to enhance the experience and, ultimately, move the world.