More about D-BOX in the Automotive Industry.

Driving Simulation & Virtual Reality Conference

Held in Paris (France), the 2016 edition of the DSC conference is organized by the Arts et Métiers ParisTech, Renault, IFSTTAR and the Driving Simulation Association, and sponsored by Optis. The goal of this international conference is to propose to academics and practitioners an all-round view of the state of the art of driving simulation technology, research and development.

D-BOX and its Automotive simulation experts partners will present 2 demos during DSC 2016 in Paris. Contact D-BOX Training and Simulation Team to meet during DSC 2016


Experience D-BOX Motion on these 2 simulators

D-BOX Motion for SCANeR
with OKTAL


Using OKTAL SCANeR ™, this demo is focussing on the Motion Cueing reproduction of a compact car in a urban environment.

SCANeR™studio is a complete software tool meeting all the challenges of driving simulation. Far from being a “black box” tool, it is a genuine evolving simulation platform, extendable and open, answering the needs of researchers and engineers. Main Modules from SCANeR include Dynamic Vehicle, Autonomous Traffic, Pedestrians, Scripting. Other IO modules called Restitutors allow Visual, Sound, Dynamic Platform connections. D-BOX Motion Cueing Systems are integrated out of the box with SCANeR.


D-BOX Motion for TruckSIM
with Mechanical Simulation 

2016-08-29 12_08_27-Mechanical SimulationLeveraging TruckSIM from Mechanical Simulation this demo illustrate the D-BOX Motion Cueing Systems benefits for large ground vehicle.

TruckSim delivers the most accurate, detailed, and efficient methods for simulating the performance of multi-axle commercial and military vehicles. With more than twenty years of real-world validation, TruckSim is universally the preferred tool for analyzing vehicle dynamics, developing active controllers, calculating a truck’s performance characteristics, and engineering next generation active safety systems. D-BOX Motion Cueing Systems are integrated out of the box with TruckSIM and CarSIM from Mechanical Simulation.


Contact D-BOX Training and Simulation Team to meet during DSC 2016

More information about DSC 2016 including venue and directions here